Home News 61-year-old copy of “Volga” is estimated at 2 000 000

61-year-old copy of “Volga” is estimated at 2 000 000


Perhaps there is no such person who at least remotely heard of services for the sale/purchase of used cars. Here it is one of these resources, there was an announcement, in which anyone is invited to purchase Soviet sedan GAZ-21 of 1958. It is reported that this instance of Soviet legends sold in the city of Novosibirsk.

The author of this ad (his name is Alexander) says that the car is in perfect condition after full restoration.

The return of the “Volga” was not confirmed: the GAZ Group is developing a new LCV

It is noteworthy that this instance of the old “Volga”, was released in one of the first editions, the hallmarks of which is a chrome-plated figure of a stag, which is located on the hood and the star in the bottom part of the grille.

In the ad for the car States that the interior of the GAZ-21 received some new elements that are very similar to the original as possible.

Under the bonnet rare vehicle is a 2.4-liter engine, maximum power of which is equal to 70 HP Motor aggregated with a manual transmission. The interior is original analog clock and a radio. Car interior trimmed in red fabric and beige leather. The exterior boasts a large number of chrome parts – bumpers, wheel caps, moldings, etc.

A fully restored version of the Soviet GAZ-21 of 1958 offered at a price of 2 200 000 rubles.

Not so long ago, our automotive publication wrote that in the new year, the “GAZelle Next” will get the airbags.


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