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Aston Martin will be building our own garages


Aston Martin announced a new direction of activity: in conjunction with the Department of personalization Q by Aston Martin company is ready to design the garage for cars of the brand

The new service is being touted as creating “the perfect place to showcase cars as art”. And it’s not only about the design of the garage space in the homes of millionaires, but also on designing the property from scratch, including the construction of exhibition areas for cars. The interior design will be custom-made based on the needs and preferences of the client.

As an example, the manufacturer has already shown a few options for the design of such garages for models DB5 and Valhalla. The interior design is reminiscent of the scenery for sci-Fi films, for example, transparent round aquarium in the center of which is placed a car or showroom, located under the pool with a glass bottom.


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