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Audi Q7 updated: new touches to the interior and exterior


The second generation Audi Q7 is produced from the end of 2014. Since then, it took 4.5 years, and that means it’s time for the launch of the restyled version.

This time the Germans decided not to skimp on the change: to distinguish the updated Q7 from the pre-reform is possible from any angle. If the exterior of the crossover was woven with simple lines, but now the image is slightly complicated. The headlights received a new form and filling with another strip of daytime running lights. The front grille was 8-coal in the manner of the latest Audi.

Similarly is the case with stern. Due to new lights and a chrome strip, which stretches along the entire trunk lid, the new version Audi Q7 now resembles a number of other models of the German manufacturer, including the Audi Q5. Thus refreshed and less noticeable elements: sills, pads, wheels and so on.

But if the exterior of the Q7 has changed significantly, the salon striking. From the former front of the front panel and Central tunnel, there is not a trace. But there is a downside: even the attentive eye will hardly find differences from the interior decoration of the flagship Audi Q8. In other words, now scattered everywhere, touch screens and black glossy panels.

For example Q8 all modifications Audi Q7 have now become a hybrid entry level. They provide a starter-generator with a belt drive and a 48-volt network. This system allows to reduce fuel consumption by 0.7 l/100 km Savings are achieved, in particular, by turning off the combustion engine while coasting at speeds from 55 to 160 km/h and regenerative braking power up to 8 kW.

The available powertrains will remain largely unchanged. In Europe, the new version Audi Q7 will be available in diesel versions 45 TDI (231 HP) and 50 TDI (286 HP) and 55 petrol TFSI (340 HP). On top of the model line-up will represent the 435-strong SQ7 similar to the one shown a few days earlier Audi SQ8.

The price of new items not yet announced even in Europe. To Russia the car will arrive only in 2020. The previous Q7 is now worth between 3 995 000 252-horsepower version of the 45 TFSI.


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