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Became known, the proceeds from the sales of LADA cars in the first 11 months of 2018


Start sales of “Charged” LADA Vesta Sport delayed

In November the Russians do not regret the purchase of cars from Togliatti 17.5 billion rubles. In General from January to November total sales revenue car logo LADA reached 171,2 billion. Such statistics has sounded on the eve of the experts of “AUTOSTAT info”, studied the success of VAZ cars in the Russian market.

The most active fans of the products of the Volga automobile plant was spending money on the purchase of cars LADA Vesta. For 11 months of the year the Russians became the owners of more than 91 thousand such cars. Their purchase cost to 60.8 billion rubles.

The second profitability indicator belongs to the LADA Granta 84 756 copies or 38.2 billion. Further, with an even greater margin from the leader should be the LADA Largus. It is known that the sale of the 41 204 “Largus” dealers “AVTOVAZ” earned 26,2 billion. In addition, in 2018, the Russians spent about 20 billion rubles for the purchase of LADA Xray (30 923 auto) and about 11 billion – SUVs LADA 4×4 (22 of 140 copies).

Earlier, analysts have calculated how much the Russians have done to the car brand Toyota.


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