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BMW and Mercedes-Benz together a platform for compact models


In the last week from Ford and Volkswagen signed a Memorandum about the intention, the efforts for the development of several models, and now it has been known that such an agreement can be reached between the two other major car manufacturers signed.

As the German economy newspaper Handelsblatt citing its sources, the leadership of two irreconcilable rivals BMW and Mercedes-Benz about the possibility of a collaboration, whose goal is the development of the new platform. According to insiders, the new “car” will form the basis for the compact models from Mercedes-Benz A-class and BMW 1 series.

It is also reported that it is on the models of the next Generation, the current BMW 1 Series in the body F52 issued with the penultimate, and Mercedes-Benz A-Class W177 from last year, and up to the end of their life cycle is still very far away. If the rumors are not confirmed, on a common platform, its successor dealer to achieve before 2025.

It is interesting that by far not all of the employees of Mercedes-Benz and BMW, the idea to share about the collaboration between the brands for many decades, strong competition for the wallet of the buyer.

Apart from the rumors about the collaboration in relation to the development of the platform, the German reports that the negotiation process regarding the Association of efforts of the missions in the development of batteries, and TRANS, and in the near future, BMW and Mercedes-Benz replaced some of the patents could be.

A miracle of such information, it is not easy to value: a few years ago rumors that BMW and Toyota are developing together on a common platform with two new models, and as we now see this project to a successful sports car, the BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra, embodied in standardized units. appeared at that time We can class and, also, the collaboration of Mercedes-Benz and Nissan on projects for the Infiniti Q30 and Mercedes-Benz X.


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