Home Novelty Bosch has developed a three-dimensional instrument panel

Bosch has developed a three-dimensional instrument panel


Bosch has introduced a new dashboard for vehicles with three-dimensional image. The driver will be able to see the image in three dimensions without glasses and a tracking system for the eyes

For tidy used passive 3D technology that combines two frames into one, thereby creating a three-dimensional image. According to representatives of the company, which will help you to fit in a small screen much more information. In addition, said Bosch, a three-dimensional image will be another driver assistance system, for example, the rear view camera will be more informative and will help you better assess the situation behind the car and Park, and three-dimensional Navigator will not to be mistaken with the choice of Congress on complex interchanges.

While the company does not specify in car what manufacturer and when may be new displays with three-dimensional effect. However, it is believed that the first cars equipped with such a dashboard will be models of Volkswagen and Audi.


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