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Yesterday, on July 8. November dvtu in a meeting with the participation of Leonid IVANOVICH Gurin, commissioned a compilation of the catalogues of the appraised value of imported cars, and the participants of foreign economic activity. According to the results of the discussions, it was decided that together, they collect enough information for the creation of customs-directories.

Leading representatives of the automotive business of the Primorsky Krai in the habit of the own statistical data and methods for the calculation of the cost of the vehicles in the markets of Japan. In turn, today, 8. November these data were received on the review and coordination in the examples in dvtu.

Custom reports that more than tomorrow, 9. November, it is a fundamental decision with respect to the received data, and methods for the assessment of the cost of the imported cars. In the case of the positive decision of the dvtu, together with representatives of the far East and of foreign trade on the basis of the data available to them and the directories form the estimated worth of the imported vehicles are transferred to the FCS for final approval. This does not mean, however, that the Federal customs service approved unreservedly of the obtained materials. In the case of non-acceptance of data avtoprodavtsov in-depth dvtu directories on your own.

While surely only one is the customs fees of imported on the territory of the far East machines are collected in varying degrees.

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