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Drom.ru opened the Avenue of stars, Motorshow-2019


Drom.ru opened in Rostov TRK “Megamag” Avenue of stars, Motorshow-2019 (held on the square in front of this shopping center may 25-26). The exhibition also includes five cars and a motorcycle — the participants of the Festival tuning. On the walk you can buy tickets (limited edition) Motorshow at a special price of 100 rubles.

Discount tickets of category “Standard” is simply to fly for the first few days sold more than 200 tickets (at the box office at the event they will cost 300 rubles). Also, you can now buy tickets categories: “Unlimited” with a discount of 50 per cent for 250 rubles (these tickets are only sold online). Children up to 12 years at the Festival tuning are free.

Presented in “Megaimage” projects — only a small part of the exhibition, Motorshow, because at the festival we will see a couple of hundreds of vehicles that will challenge the Grand Prix in 16 categories with a total prize Fund of 1 050 000 rubles. But there is something to see! For example, Opel 1,2 Liter age under 90 years, beach the car on the basis of “Morgunovka”, Resto-“penny” (the grateful grandson so preserves the memory of the grandfather), the most expensive on the planet powerful and “Lada” — dragster on the basis of the VAZ-2108 (1000 HP, 3 million rubles), luxurious custom bike “Mace”… and “star” of the exhibition — a post-apocalyptic van Eraz Crazy Diesel Funk. That is certainly a work of art: the longer you look at it the more new parts to discover!

We will remind, on the Drome, a special section, where all information about Motorshow-2019. Here you can see the full catalogue of participants apply for participation and purchase unlimited tickets at 50% discount.


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