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Electric crossover Audi E-Tron is recognized as the safest in the world


In September 2018 Audi brought to the US market electric crossover E-Tron, which is currently sold on the local market at a price of $74 800. Almost a year later this model “laid out” in a crash test by the American Insurance Institute for highway safety (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety — IIHS).

As the press service of the IIHS, the German car perfectly coped with the task, receiving the highest award — IIHS Top Safety Pick+, which had not previously occurred with other electric cars on the local market — even with the luxury Tesla.

Extra points Audi received a great head optics, and that German machine ahead of Tesla electric cars. With the power structure of the machine is also all right: the E-Tron has passed a total of six tests for collisions with various objects with small and moderate overlap, including frontal and side impacts. Was also tested the system for preventing collisions, and the evaluation of the braking system. By the way, the car was able to Dodge the object at a speed of 40 km/h and slowed down to 1.6 km/h before the collision with the object in a more rigorous test.

Audi claims that this result stems from the fact that the battery pack is installed in the enclosure with internal power structure in a honeycomb, which provides excellent performance in torsion upon impact.

It is hoped that the E-Tron will be stronger than cars Tesla, which in recent years satisfied worldwide deadly fire show.


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