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Elon Musk has gone from Twitter and wrote a tweet about it


Monday, June 17, Elon Musk, owner of Tesla, wrote on Twitter that he deleted his account. On his page it says the following: Just deleted my Twitter account (“Just deleted my Twitter account”).

Just deleted my Twitter account

— Daddy DotCom (@elonmusk) June 17, 2019.

With this Mask changed my username c Elon Musk on Daddy DotCom, which can be translated as “daddy-dot-com”. This may be an allusion to the sale of the addresses of the account as one of the largest companies selling domains is called GoDaddy.com (“come to daddy-dot-com”).

The interesting details don’t end there. Also, the account has been replaced by the avatar: instead of pictures of Ilona now it flaunts a simple black background.

It is noteworthy that the access to the account is left active, that is, formally, the Mask was bluffing. While in Twitter there is no procedure for deleting the account: it can only be disabled. However, in this case, the user page will be unavailable for viewing.

Twitter Elon musk is in the Top 100 most popular accounts: it has been signed by 27 million users. The number of followers corresponds to the 67th place in the overall ranking of the popularity of Twitter.

Previously, Musk repeatedly took part in scandals because of their careless statements on Twitter. Users loved the billionaire for humor and a sharp tongue. In the end, whom now they will be writing their tweets “How about this, Elon Musk?”?


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