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Ford is preparing a large compensation for a failed Russian enterprises


In the case of the dismissal of workers of the closed factories of Ford Sollers in Russia’s hands to receive a lump sum amount of 5.5 to 12 monthly salaries. In addition, the representatives of the trade Union of workers of car industry, said Темченко МПРА Igor.

The program extends to all factories and applies to both managers and workers. The application on dismissal must write from 8. to 22. April 2019.

The small compensation is provided for those in the Ford Sollers less than five years, the largest — for employees with experience more than 15 years.

In March, Ford has announced that by the end of June 2019, with two of his three automobile factories in the town of Vsevolozhsk in the Leningrad region and Naberezhnye Chelny in Tatarstan, as well as a plant for the production of engines in the special economic zone “Alabuga” (Elabuga, Tatarstan).

According to preliminary information, the closure of the factories of Ford, the dismissal of 2,000 people. In the case of the dismissal of the employee Parking spaces in the boat are vehicles of experience in the manufacture of Fiat since the company Ford produced only eight years, and in front of you has done just Italian cars.

In the factory in Vsevolozsk the average salary 000 rubles per month, now stands at 55. That is, on the Hand, up to 660 000 rubles.

This МПРА not satisfied with the proposed compensation. “We have a letter to Ford Europe with the request to reconsider the amounts. If our demands are not met, we have vigils and rallies to keep”, — said “Interfax” the head of the primary trade Union organization МПРА in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region Igor Темченко.

Earlier it was reported that the Union insists on the payment of allowances in the amount of two salaries per year.

28. March Ford in a statement that the closure of the factories in Russia cost him $500 million, of which $200 million on the payments made to employees and business partners.


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