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How many “horses” in the Nissan GT-R? The manufacturer seems to us mistaken…


Some car companies suffer from delusions overestimation of the performance of their vehicles. You are involved in this purely for promotional purposes, easy to us bred. But almost always encounter. For example, Mazda has a lot of problems in the US due to the exaggeration of the capabilities of the Mazda MX-5 Miata model year 2001; Ford had to withdraw model Mustang Cobra SVT, if the buyer recognize that the engine of the vehicle to 20 PS was weaker than officially announced; in the early 2000s, the Korean Hyundai customers had a long warranty and free Service due to the fact that in the case of several models, the actual performance values were less than the required for a few dozen horses.

In the case of the journalists of the newspaper The New York Times Эрзы Dair a theory of his own, where all the strengths are these missing horse: you are under the hood of the new super sport Nissan GT-R.

As with all of the above mentioned cars, the performance of the GT-R — 480 HP — far removed from reality. But in the case of Nissan, the truth is much more beautiful. The car posted is likely to be much more powerful than in its documentation. A question remains: how is he stronger?

Nissan — the wily beetle — and-white, but not says. As stated by the American project Manager, GT-R, Peter Бедросян, each 3.8-Liter Twin-турбовый engine before the installation test on the Dynamometer, then the indicators for power and torque for each machine, individually, to sign.

“And if the owners know exactly how much your car is a performance?”, the question of the representative of the company.

— Can’t do that. (Here the relationship to the customer!)

How is ERSA, prints with real measurement values of a super sports car куркуются in the leaden capsule and hide under the cover of night in the base of Mount Fuji

By the principle of Substitution, you can make some impressive ratios, proven series of versions of the GT-R, a rough knowledge about the energy output needed for the committing of these acts.

We argue in this way. The growth of the former player of the American Basketball Association (NBA) recession Webb, the speaker on the Position of the guard is 168 cm When Webb said that he is not to be inferred might be able to jump in height of only 50 cm, then, that he knows his true possibilities. After all, the man has to jump to be growth in the amount of at least one Meter, in order to win the competition in the Ring throws from above (basketball Hoop spaced in a distance from the ground 3.05 m). But Webb was the winner of this competition in 1986.

A view with the same Position and with the Nissan GT-R. wall time Nordschleife at the Nürburgring in this car is 7 minutes 29 seconds, which is very close to the best indicators, proven series cars. For comparison, car Corvette Z06, whose power is 505 HP and a weight of 320 kg or less, this circuit 13 seconds slower — after 7 minutes, and 42 seconds. So, a car with a smaller 25 HP of power and a large 320 kg, the weight can faster the 20-mile route by a whole 13 seconds?

Of course, wall time Nordschleife depends on the large number of parameters, and Nissan among them, special emphasis on the advanced System of a full drive, which can be used on the GT-R, and thus a lot of active curves. Corvette Z06 the same rear-wheel-drive. And yet… 13 seconds? It can be assumed from this comparison that the GT-R’s performance should not be less than the Z06, that is under the hood of the Japanese coupe is hiding at least 500 HP But it is actually a simple figure.

Clearer picture of the passage of 402 meters distance for Drag Racing. In General, the time of overcoming the quarter-mile is dependent on the large number of factors, but one of the most important — a good Start. But here’s the ultimate speed — is the speed of the car to the finish line to cross — it depends to a greater extent the power of the engine and a ratio of this power to weight of the vehicle.

More school algebra: if you know the weight of the car, and she is also known for the maximum speed that he reached with approximately 402 meters, then you can calculate the approximate power required to achieve this rate. Top speed can’t lie, but it can identify a lie. In particular, the number of the Nissan GT-R on the quarter mile, says that his performance may not equal to 480 HP

R GT at the finish line with a maximum speed of 197 km/h. The weight together with the driver, more than 1 800 kg. There are many ways to calculate the performance of the vehicle, even in the case of the following parameters, and most of them are agree that the value of GT for the engine of the Nissan GT-R should be routes ranging from 550 HP with a perfect run up to 580 HP. As explains the Journalist, he is not ready to eat your Slippers, if you could this super sports car is, in fact, less than 550 PS (his self-righteousness may surprise many, especially by representatives of the renowned magazine “inside line”, the more 452 HP to squeeze the GT-R but).

If the Journalist’s conclusions are not correct, why Nissan? Perhaps because of the issues of insurance. Maybe Nissan is the possibility of car rental reduces to revel Japanese government, and the GT so viewed R as a potential threat for the civilized parts of the population. Or maybe just interesting — more interesting not to know. This is the model a couple of points to become a legend. Because if someone asks, how many “horses” in your machine, and meet figures from the pre-sale brochures boring. To say much more interesting 480 HP, “officially”, and then, заговорщицким voice to add: “but everyone knows that much more”.


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