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I Jaguar-Pace, sales started


The company announced the start of sales of its electric crossover. The novelty will be available in three trim levels, and the cost of the car starts from $ 6.1 million rubles

Observant people will note that prices have changed relative to those that were announced back in the summer. Yes, the car was more expensive but now its cost is “sewn” full maintenance for five years (or 120 thousand kilometers). By the way, here lies an interesting feature. The fact that electric vehicles are required to undergo a less than conventional car with ice – every two years or attainment of 34 thousand kilometers.

A car battery has a separate warranty for eight years or 160 thousand kilometers. Meanwhile, its capacity is 90 kilowatt-hours. When fully charged battery car can travel 470 miles. By the way, using quick-charging station, the crossover will replenish the batteries for forty minutes, the same process occurs through the normal outlet, that time will take around ten hours. As for power I-Pace, it makes 400 horsepower.


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