Home Novelty In Japan, there will be special rights for older drivers

In Japan, there will be special rights for older drivers


The Japanese government plans to give elderly drivers over the age of 75 years, a special law that applied only to the driving of cars equipped with various electronic “helpers”.

As reported by Japanese newspaper Nikkei, such measures the authorities consider it necessary due to the increased number of accidents involving the elderly. Many of them confuse the pedals or later react to changes in traffic situations around them. Initially, these licenses will be issued on a voluntary basis instead of the usual right.

With regard to the mandatory imposition of such documents, it will likely be possible only after wider dissemination of the technology of automatic braking in the automotive industry and their cheaper. The Japanese government intends to consult with manufacturers concerning further introduction of electronic “helpers” when driving and the prospects for their installation on the cheaper model. Yet such systems remain quite expensive and are used only on premium cars.

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