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In the footsteps of e Honda: Hyundai will bring at the Frankfurt electric car with retrodizayn


In March at the international Geneva motor show Honda unveiled the stylish electric car Honda e designed in the spirit of the Civic hatchback of the second generation of the sample in 1979. The model received enough rave reviews that it was a line, and apparently that aspect is not haunted by the Korean Hyundai, which at the Arsenal also have a considerable number of classical models and can be converted with a modern twist.

At the automobile exhibition in Frankfurt Koreans bring concept car 45 EV Concept, which will be driven by an electric motor. His foreign created with an eye on the first mass-Hyundai model — 5-door ultimately the newest Pony from the mid-70s, which in those days was based on the Mitsubishi units, but was drawn by the famous Italian car artist Giorgetto Giugiaro of Studio Italdesign. Koreans say that the concept will get a sensual and sporty look.

Judging by the teaser, the back of the Hyundai 45 EV Concept is made with a small spoiler on the tailgate and vertical accents on the rear window, below them is a led panel that can display images, messages, and also performs the role of the tail lights. And under them is another small display, which displays the figures “45”. Overall body shape of the concept is very angular.

Any information about the interior and power units 45 EV Concept yet.

Public premiere of the concept will take place at the auto show in Frankfurt, it will open its doors September 12.


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