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Japanese UD truck Quon got a reduced engine


The Japanese company UD Trucks has expanded its family of heavy-Quon — now they have modifications to the engine are reduced in volume (8.0 liters).

Recall that UD Trucks is the former Nissan Diesel since 2007 the company belongs to the Swedish manufacturer of trucks and construction equipment Volvo Group (not to be confused with cars Volvo Cars).

UD Quon has been manufactured for 15 years, in 2017, the family has undergone a profound restyling and got a new turbo diesel UD GH11 and GH13, which have a working volume of 11.0 and 13.0 l, respectively. Range the UD Quon incorporates the modifications with GVW from 16 to 26 tonnes. Now in the most easy versions of a model set of 8.0-liter engine instead of GH8 GH11.

GH8 — turbo diesel with direct injection system, its power output is 357 HP, torque 1428 Nm. It is aggregated with the automated 12-speed transmission ESCOT-VI.

The decrease in the volume of the engine on the lighter versions Quon helped to optimize the design of the machine is: carrying capacity increased by 500 to 700 pounds depending on version. At the same 11,0-litre engine continues to put on a heavier model, and the “cool” versions are still equipped with a 13.0-liter engine.


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