Home Brand Mercedes-Benz of difficulties in the production of EQC электрокроссовера

Mercedes-Benz of difficulties in the production of EQC электрокроссовера


It seems that potential buyers of the new electric model Mercedes-Benz EQC have patience: in the summer of this year, the company wanted to be the first customers to give the keys to the new vehicles, but your delivery.

According to the newspaper Handelsblatt, this Situation is due to the fact that the Mercedes collided Benz with a deficit of batteries production subsidiary of Daimler AG, the company Accumotive. We will remind that EQC was in September at the IAA in Frankfurt, and during the presentation it was reported that he is on the Assembly line in June of this year, but now the messages do not come, the first big Party frequency soft customers prior to November. However, some Enterprise customers, nevertheless, you get your key-cherished electric cars, reported the reputable Portal Carscoops.

If Mercedes-Benz in the location, the deliveries of EQC setting in November, the tragedy of this Situation is, if you look at the difficulties with which Tesla and Jaguar. However, in the second half of the current year is planned, with the first deliveries of competitors: Audi plans, the buyer, ship-to-electric crossover E-Tron, and if the Daimler AG leads the delivery of EQC for the year 2020, the Reputation of the company, without a doubt, significantly affected.

To capture one way or the other, electric cars every day new positions, well, for us, it will be interesting to see how the car manufacturers are fighting with each other under the conditions of the deficit of the new components for the industry.


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