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New technologies of car making by Mazda


The company Mazda has the effective technology of the construction of the new cars. Thanks to the introduction of high-precision digital technologies in the process of creation of prototypes now there is no need for the implementation of the test runs, the cars of the future special design of the body. Thus, it is possible, in the framework of a project is the testing of up to five machines, and the cost reduced before several dozen million US dollars in the development and testing of the prototype, were set to zero.

Special body, which will be applied during the test drives of cars, roughly speaking, the empty blank, it is the only way, that it is necessary for the machine control. Other amenities are missing. Then, when you create a series of body, to Prototype all of the facilities, and it is carried out a further review of the body. So it turns out that the company is first a body, then the second, the costs to be doubled to be created. Now Mazda has announced that you will be able to reduce your costs in the development phase of the car thanks to the use of the latest Computing technologies.


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