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Nissan has developed a unique key


Developing Nissan GT-R, the Japanese engineers decided to equip it with a high-tech startup key that will be radically different from traditional designs. By the way the new GT-R should appear in the 2020-ies. And so the key is, and the car itself yet

The new key is a full onboard computer with touch screen that can switch between several information display modes. The initial screen of reports, blocked the GT-R and at what time the remote engine start. In another mode, the key FOB allows you to start the engine remotely, and a third set temperature in the cabin.

In addition, the smart FOB can display information about the status of a sports car. On request, will tell You stock and average fuel consumption and oil level. In the case of maintenance, the keychain will notify the driver with a special message. Not deprived of the key and the usual buttons, which open and close the doors, the trunk and the alarm sounds if the machine was lost in the Parking lot.


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