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Robotic traffic cops have become a reality


Can exhale, it was not us and in China. But still, picture from movies about the future a reality

Car traffic in the urban district of Handan Hebei province, China started patrolling robots. In fact, they perform the functions of traffic police, and the local Ministry of public security called it the first step for the active implementation of robopolis.

If we ignore the fact that before you stands a robot, it is possible to take for an ordinary police, as the car made on the model of an officer of the traffic police, in yellow vest and a white helmet. He’s busy taking pictures of traffic violations and identificeret personality of drivers-violators. By the way, in addition to robot lock there are two types of of his colleagues. First – robot operator control stations vehicles and responds to questions of motorists, and sends in a special structure of information about possible threats to road safety. The second robot emergency Commissioner, which is reported to the participants of the traffic accidents.


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