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Sanctions threaten the project “GAZelle-Next” with a Turbodiesel engine from Volkswagen


The German group Volkswagen group because of the U.S. sanctions temporarily stopped negotiations about purchase of a share in the Russian GAZ group. Also, the project equipment variant “Gazelle Next” 2.0-Liter турбодизелями Volkswagen EA189 was at risk. In an Interview with “RIA Novosti” said the head of the Russian representation of Volkswagen, Marcus Озегович.

“At the Moment of purchase of the share] is [impossible for us because of the sanctions, are not included in this Situation. The negotiations suspended. The negotiations on the supply of diesel engines from Volkswagen for the “gazelles” also yet to be repealed,” said Mr Озегович.

He pointed out that the cooperation with GAZ group for Volkswagen is very important, but the Problem is that the sanctions depend on the political dialogue, so VW can only wait for the measures taken, the politicians solutions.

On 6. In March, the US authorities have reported that, once again, the date of entry into force of the sanctions, moves against the “group GAS”. Deadline postponed from 7. March to 6. July 2019. Restrictions for “GAZ Group”, as well as other companies of Oleg Deripaska, the United States for the first time announced, on 6. April 2018. Up to this point in time, US investors and companies, the transaction must conclude with the structures of the oligarchs, to get rid of your shares and bonds.

US sanctions will have the “cumulative effect”. Formal restrictions apply only to US residents, but in reality they act for all Western companies. European companies, the cooperation with Gas after the expiry of the time limit, continue with indirect sanctions.

“GAZelle Next” with a Turbodiesel from Volkswagen EA189 (2.0-Liter, 136 HP) 6-speed manual. on sale in this year Type-approval (ОТТС) was this amendment in October 2018.

Previously, GAS Turbodiesel American brand Cummins had to replace on “ГАЗелях” on his copy under the Chinese brand Huadong.


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