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The Chinese-Belarusian concept car Hanteng Red One show in Shanghai on 15 April


Firm Hanteng Auto will hold on 15 April presentation of the concept car Red One (01). The car everyone will be able to see it on opening day later the Shanghai motor show.

A few days ago in blog CarNewsChina.com Facebook has appeared the first black-and-white sketch Hanteng Red One, and yesterday Hanteng released an official teaser of the concept. Nothing more about the car firm says.

But why Belarus?

The fact that the exterior Hanteng Red One worked Belarusian designer Andrey Trofimchuk. He is known as the author of the appearance of all modifications of the memorable e-mobile.

We caught up with Andrew and found out some details.

Hanteng Red One is not an abstract design fantasy, is a prototype of a real electric sedan, which will be available in 2020. The size and characteristics of the machine will be close to the Tesla Model 3. The layout and the exact parameters of the car Trofimchuk not disclose, but said that the electric car will be “better than Tesla”.

The design of the serial car will be somewhat simpler than the concept, little will change proportions. But all the visual ideas one way or another will continue. In the concept car didn’t make the salon, so in Shanghai car show with closed doors and tinted Windows. But, says Andrew, the salon was successful, calm, no new-fangled exaggerated “tablets”.

Here’s a little interview we got from Andrew Trofimchuka by “the Telegram”:

— How close is presented the sketch to the design of the future electric?

The car is about 85-90 percent in line with the serial, which will be released next year. In China very quickly release new models, unlike Europe. Sometimes fit into 24 months from kick-off to SOP. It is very fast. The Toyota record was 27.

— The car turns with a very long base and short overhangs? It was laid down in the TOR or is it your decision?

Show car for show is more attractive. More wheel base longer. Serial machine looks modest, but the impression is the same.

Again, a very high sidewall and low, the roof is your solution? But what about the rules on visibility?

Is a sketch showing the General nature of the concept. It cannot be perceived as a lateral projection. And concept standards for visibility are not relevant. It’s Haute Couture.

— How strong are the rear pseudocele? If you can call it a tribute to the American style of 50-ies?

Back as such pseudorules no. There are wrap-around stern line starting with “fins” on the strut B. It gives a fairly recognizable structure. The customer wanted to design creative solutions. It relates to the intersection of the lateral line with the front arch. This one has not yet been done. Stand B has a very distinctive “fin”. It resembles the shape of an electrical signal on an oscilloscope. Serial machine will be electric.

— How long did it take the design from first sketch to approval? Did something to correct after the “freezing” of the project?

It’s hard to say. This project is one of many I’m working on. Specific time costs are difficult to calculate. The average value is about five months from kick-off the approval RP-model (the so-called “hard model”, a colored layout of prototypically details with real glass and headlamps)

— How the Chinese from Hanteng trust the designer, did the “high chiefs” to proofread your work? Fully in the concept car survived your author’s intent?

In this sense, it was the perfect project. The customer is fully trust me as a designer. So the result is fully consistent with the original vision.

— Did you work alone or with a team? If the latter, then how many people and the distribution of responsibilities?

Of course, the team. In China, even the search operation often performed in clay in 1:1 scale. That is, artists, 3D modelers. On the exterior helped one designer.

— Who did the interior? Whether you like the result?

I like the interior. Harmonious, no frills and excessive “LuxeMate” that I love in China.


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