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The current Nissan GT-R can stay on the line until 2027


The current Nissan GT-R is a car a survivor: he came back in 2007, that is, its release for 12 years. And because it’s not on frame SUV that can be a long time to release with minimum updates (Hello, Toyota Land Cruiser 200), and outstanding performance are at the forefront of technological progress. Although earlier representatives of the Japanese brand has repeatedly declared the imminent resignation of “Godzilla”, it may be delayed until 2027.

According to the Australian edition of Motoring, while the Nissan is not even decided on the format of the future sports car. Whether it will be hybrid or fully electric? No one knows the answer.

While led by Hiroshi Tamura (Hiroshi Tamura), the team is ready and willing to proceed with the development of the next generation, but without a nod from above that will not happen. Tamura recalled that for the 2020 model year GT-R got a small improvement on the part of the power unit and chassis, but no limit to perfection, so the current model will still be upgraded.

“We still only 12 years old. This body I want to keep as long as possible,” said Hiroshi Tamura. However, he is confident that the current design will easily live up to its 20th anniversary. In other words, manufacture the current generation Nissan GT-R can be extended to 2027.

And while Nissan continues to upgrade not only the fastest car, but is preparing a special version. For example, in April of 2019, the Japanese have shown a coupe GT-R 50th Anniversary Edition, created in honor of the fiftieth anniversary GT-R Skyline.


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