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The engine line-up Acura with the American dream — V-shaped “eight” of Honda


The Japanese luxury brand Acura is not as popular in the US market, as it would be the owner of the company Honda. Causes of the weak demand for sedans and Crossover models Acura a lot, but missing in the lineup of the sedan with a V8 engine — is a clear minus, because it is precisely such vehicles to the average American with the Premium Segment.

But Honda will not give up: there is currently a huge work to increase the popularity of the Acura brand. First and foremost, the global redesign will series: all sedans and Crossover models receive a new Corporate Design. Then, in full продвигатеся-driven Acura NSX super sports car, which promises to surpass in its features popular Japanese colleagues, the Nissan GT-R.

And here’s the latest news: the President of Honda, Mr. Takeo Fukui, have announced that the company will soon be V-shaped 8-cylinder engine of its own development, the be used on machines of the Acura brand. As promised, Mr Fukui, the engine is innovative and efficient. Now, this statement is not hard to believe — the creation of Honda motors knows.


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