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The highest in the Urals, gasoline prices in Salekhard


In 56 centres of subjects of the Russian the increase in the petrol fixed prices for the first week in August, reported the news Agency Ypa.Ru. The maximum growth, according to Rosstat, said in Ivanovo (Russia) and Kazan — on 1,3%. In Moscow consumer prices for gasoline on average in the last week, increased 0.3% (up 33,57 rubles), in St. — Petersburg-0,4% (up to 32,46 roubles).

In the Urals Federal district, the most expensive petrol registered in Salekhard — 36,36 rubles per Liter. At the gas station in the capital of YANAO gasoline of mark AI-92 will be purchased for the price of an average of 35.9 rubles, and AI-95 — 38 rubles.

In Khanty-Mansiysk, the average price of fuels 33,73 rubles per Liter remained at the same level, in perm — 32,38 roubles, in Ekaterinburg — 32,25. In Tyumen, a litre of petrol 32 rubles can buy in Chelyabinsk — for 31,29 rubles. The cheapest petrol in the Urals in Kurgan — 31,14 rubles.

It is interesting to note that at the end of the year 2012, the fuel was available, on the contrary, on the Yamal Peninsula. The experts of the FAS in the Region explains the success of the “fixed work” with the oil companies.


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