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The real power of Lada Vesta Sport turned out to be below the stated


In January of this year, “AVTOVAZ” has released his most “evil” car is a sedan Lada Vesta Sport. According to official data, the power of its 1.8-liter engine is 145 HP and torque of 184 lb-ft reaches, however, the actual characteristics usually differ from the factory and the owners of this model, we decided to clarify these figures. As it turned out, in this issue there are nuances.

On YouTube there was a video with this car, and the owner appealed to the tuning Studio with the desire to increase the power of the motor. During measurements on a dyno-bench it was found that the motor Lada Vesta Sport factory specification develops 142 HP, and its torque reaches up to 178 Nm, which is slightly less than the stated factory performance. In the video it is also reported that the car was filled up 95-m gasoline has been provided to the Dino graphics.

It is worth noting that the mileage of the test car was less than 2000 kilometers, so in fact he has tested, and its characteristics in the future will change.

Recall that at the beginning of the month, the Lada Vesta Sport was realized in the amount of 217 copies, the annual volume of the model will be 1200 units. In the basic version the machine is sold at a price of 1 009 900 rubles.


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