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Toyota is ОПСОС-OHM


The company Toyota. on the market of cellular communication of Japan in the near future He is KDDI Corporation, the second volume of the market of operators of cellular and fixed network in Japan, 11% of the shares owned by Toyota.

The aim of the car manufacturer, the convergence of telecommunications systems and vehicles. A new phone, the Toyota soon on the market in Japan release, is compatible with the navigation system of the car via Bluetooth. In addition, in some Toyota machines Optional installable units charge cell phones, which also allow music download and useful information in the onboard computer. And, of course, a new phone from Toyota with a “safe System”: to be caused in the event of an accident, the pipe itself, rescue workers and the police.

Phone of the company Toyota is the name of TiMo and goes on sale in late October. How does the hose from Toyota is not yet known.

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