Home Brand Toyota recalls 2.7 million cars, more than 50 thousand in Russia

Toyota recalls 2.7 million cars, more than 50 thousand in Russia


The Toyota Motor Corporation holds a large-scale evaluation, which has beaten in the whole world, 2.77 million cars. Most of the machines on the market in Japan was sold 1.52 million and repair in Russia in the framework of the Service campaign, you need to vehicles a little more than 50 million.

Reasons for the revocation of two.

First — problems with the water pump in the Toyota Prius of the second Generation. It goes on the pump circulates the coolant around the hybrid drive. There is the likelihood that you will fail, the electric motor of the pump can, according to which in the instrument cluster lights up more signals about malfunctions. In the worst case, оплавиться electrical installation, feeding this Motor, and this leads to a standstill of the Hybrid engine, whereby during the travel.

The second, possibly incorrect intermediate steering shaft on the same Prius, and Allex, Avensis, Corolla, Corolla Feilder, Corolla, Run X, Corolla Spacio, Isis, WiLL VS, and Wish. It turned out that the slot through which the shaft can deform with the chassis, when the steering wheel rotation is often up to the stop in the right stop when driving at low speed. As a total — sliding joint will wear out the connection, appears to be rattling.

In Russia under criticism Corolla and Avensis.


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