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Volkswagen vehicles Release 70 models of electric by the year 2028


The Volkswagen AG has updated its plans for the электромобильной Expansion: in the next ten years, i.e. by 2028, does not want to publish, the company of 50 full-electric models, as previously assumed, and all 70.

As a result, the total volume of output of electric increases, vehicles with a 15 to 22 million for the same period. To stop, ultimately, the German manufacturer intends to complete any CO2-emissions up to the year 2050, and this affects the whole of the business activities of the group, including the production.

By 2023, investments of Volkswagen in the sphere of electric transport, €30 billion. The German company hopes that the share of this machinery can be achieved under the cars produced at least 40% by 2030.

The first-fruits of the new strategy of Volkswagen, the Audi E-tron and Porsche Taycan. Sales of both models will begin in the year 2019, on you already have more than 20 000 pre-orders collected. But really massive electric vehicles from the German group is with the arrival of the family I. D. in the year 2020. Later, on the same “wagon” SEAT of el Born and the Skoda Vision iV follow.

The most important suppliers of batteries for new electric vehicles, LG Chem, SKI, CATL and Samsung. Also, Volkswagen is considering participation in the joint production of batteries in Europe. In the perspective of the emergence of solid-State expected-AKB: you are engaged in the development of quantum Cape.

Up to the year 2020 in Europe, 400 to be installed “fast” chargers village. To achieve this objective earlier, the Alliance IONITY whose participants are BMW, Daimler and Ford.

Earlier, representatives of Volkswagen said that ужесточающиеся экостандарты вытолкнут compact cars from the market. It is expected that in the near future, models such as the Volkswagen up! is unprofitable because of the more stringent requirements: your rework under the new Standards is too expensive.


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