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Where does “gasoline”, in what city?


German analysts have found which countries are more than willing to buy up “rejected” on their home cars. CIS is on the list too

Analysts of the school of applied logistics, University of würzburg-Schweinfurt, prepared a market study jointly with the Association of European businesses said that in the course of the year sharply increased exports of second-hand cars – more than 20 percent, to 239 541 car. The largest increase of supply occurred in the Ukraine (+136%), followed by Croatia (+89%), and the short list Bulgaria (+27%) and Romania (+26%).

Experts say that, for example, Ukraine sent older cars, apparently, because the rules of the free import and relatively low import duties on used cars from the EU. Also indicated is the fact that less developed European countries are interested in diesel cars from Germany because of low prices. As for the exports, the experts agree on one thing – because of petrol restrictions, he will only grow.

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